Question of the Day

Challenge to test your Logical Thinking, Online Search and Citation Skills

Question of the Day Round II Ended!

The overall winners and lucky draw winners will be announced soon!

Thank you for participating. Season III will appear next month!

The Question of the Day Round II

You can see the questions of the previous days along with answers and winners here

Question of the Day will have a question posted daily to test your thnk out of the box skills, your search skills and also your citation skills. Whenever you are providing an answer, you will have to provide the source from where you got the answer. If it is a website, provide the title of the page and the complete URL. If it is a book give the bibliographics details and the page number from where you got the answer.
The points will be as follows:

  • Participation : 2 points
  • Correct Answer : 2 to 5 points
  • Proper Citation : 2 points
  • Bonus points for creativity and originaly in getting and presenting your answers

All the best!

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