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Vedkalyani, 6D

When I saw the questions they were big so I thought that it will be boring but when I came to read that it was very interesting. Understood many interesting things. Thank you sir.

CH Krishna, 6C

sir this quizzes was interesting and when i saw the questions it is like a paragraph question and sir i thought that it would be difficult to answer it, but from this questions and answers i learnt many things about the famous peoples in the world also"

Indrajith S Raj, 7D

Sir I attended the three quizzes on AIDS it is so interesting and informative

Smriti PT, 9A

Sir,i tried the quiz and i was also inspired by knowing about the people who achieved a great feat even if they had many problems in their life.Hats off to them!

Rishabh N, 11 C

It is indeed a great initiative that you have taken to make books easily accessible to us even in the desperate pandemic going on. Congratulations on being able to make it a grand success.9/11/2020

Diya D.P , 8D

It was very interesting quiz, it was a good opportunity to learn about Nehru -14/11/2020

Drisya D.P, 6B

Nehru Quiz contest -I learned About Jawaharlal Nehru -14/11/2020"


It was a very interesting quiz. I could learn more facts about Jawaharlal Nehru.... -14/11/2020

Anugrah Raj Kannan, 8D

It was interesting questions and very exciting (Nehru Quiz) -14/11/2020

Shruthika prakash, 4c

Nehru Quiz - I iked the quiz presentation very much -14/11/2020

Adarsh Raj Kannan, 7B

It was very nice and I enjoyed the Nehru quiz -14/11/2020

K. U. Laya, 8A

The Nehru quiz was interesting and I enjoyed it. -14/11/2020

Sabarinath.H, 9-D

Nehru Quiz contest was a good quiz but time very short time should be more that is my suggestion -14/11/2020

Pavithra R, 6 B

It was a nice quiz and I learned more about Nehru -14/11/2020

Smriti. PT, 9 A

I loved this library portal very much... -14/11/2020


Its a very good quiz. No words to say . -14/11/2020


Please provide us more time to attend these quiz there was an network issue this has took more time than we attend the quiz hence please kindly provide the more time to attend further quizes -14/11/2020

Vedakalyani K B, 6 D

Nice experience. I have not studied anything for this Nehru quiz but many of the questions I know. Anyway very good quiz🙂. -14/11/2020

Revathiraj.R, Class 8 B

It was very nice it was a wonderful experience - Nehru Quiz -14/11/2020

Aadhithyan. j, 6 A

I enjoy to read books and play games -14/11/2020

Hans Sunil Kumar, IX B

Hana's Suitcase is a great and moving book. 4/11/2020

Gopika M P, XC

This was an interesting quiz sir ,not like ordinary ones. 3/11/2020

Lakshmi Krishna V R, X D

It was a wonderful quiz . got many information about nazism and hitler .........thank you sir..3/11/2020

Vishal Krishnan, X B

Sir I participated in the warm up quiz. The questions were really helpful as it made me remember a lot of facts that I learned last year in history about Hitler and Nazism. It was informative. Thank you sir.3/11/2020

Adityan A, VI B

This site is very good we can do fun quiz and the question of the day is very good. it helps us to think and think and I like this site (25/09/2020)

Aditya santhosh

Sir, today's class was interesting. I liked the stories that you told today (15/09/2020).

Pavithra R, VI B

It was very interesting to solve puzzle

Anagha Iyer, VI B

Very nice Sudeeptha ... it is very interesting.... Now feel like reading the book to know the whole story...

Sruthy S, IX C

Really nice story by Krishnapriya, with an unexpected end.

Vishal Krishnan, X B

Deaths Behind by Krishnapriay is a good story. I really had goosebumps in the last part.

S.Anirudh, 7D

It was a easy quiz I can't believe that it took me this much time to find the answer!

Somatmika.P.Kana, 7D

The clue given was very interesting. It was fun finding the answers.

Smrithi Govind P , 10D

Very good , learned something new even though my answers are not correct. But doing this my knowledge has improved

Amrita.B, 8B

This question for me was the easiest question that i have participated. By this I could acquire some more interesting facts about Sherlock Holmes and his investigations.

Ananya Saju, 9A

it was very thrilling .. felt like Sherlock Holmes investigating a case


I found this puzzle a very interesting one to solve. I never thought that there could be a hindi word in the puzzle. Finding out that Sherlock Holmes had an Indian connection was yet another fascinating thing. Looking forward to grabbing Sherlock Holmes as soon as I get to the library next time!🙂

Aarti R Nair, 10D

I wanted to try one of the daily puzzles. I tried the earlier ones but didn't manage to complete it. So, I had made up my mind to do this one. At first, I didn't recognize the character, but then I googled Jamyang Norbu and scrolled through his books. That's when I noticed the name Sherlock Holmes and found the connection to this puzzle. I am very much satisfied that I could do this puzzle.

Gayathri PR, 9D

I was really happy ...

Meera Vipin, 6B

It was a very nice experience that I could learn more things from this puzzle.Thus, I had only solved the puzzle but details about that has given by these links https

Righethaniyal, 9A

First,I thought that it would be lionlock homes. Then suddenly it blinked to me as sherlock holmes .Then i searched and searched.It was wonderful to search and find out these quizes.

Bhadra K B, 6D

It is a very famous crime thriller,detective character across the world

Rayyan Fathima k.r, 8D

It was very good because because I did not search anything in Google and anything else like Wikipedia I search with my mum and books it was very very interesting to me

Gayathri S, 9D

First I thought that this puzzle would also be tough, as the previous ones. But when I spent some time for this, I got the answer easily. The other two answers were searched by me on the internet. This is an easy puzzle actually.

M.Nandan, 7B

It was very interesting to do this puzzle and it was easy to solve this puzzle I was so excited to get the answers and I am not that much sure about my answers

Rachana K S, 9B

It was really interesting puzzle this time because first of all I'm a fan of fictional detective stories and second thing I am fond of reading Sherlock Holmes stories and novels. But it is after participating in this quiz that I understood that Holmes is having a Indian connection through the book The Mandal of Sherlock Holmes written by Jamyang Norbu. As soon as possible I'm looking forward to read that book.

Yutika, 8A

I was eager to try this challenge. Finding the answer, after seeing the clue was very easy. When I searched regarding the Indian Connection and Jamyang Norbu, I found the above answers.... Other than these, I also learnt some interesting facts about the Indian connection, e.g. A book, and a restaurant with the same name!! I have tried as much as possible to solve this Question correctly.

Tripta Gopal , 10B

While solving this puzzle , I felt very happy and excitement. I felt very curious to solve this puzzle as sherlock Holmes is very familiar for me and one of my favourite characters also. Thanks a lot sir for this type of challenges.

Amritha s nair, 10D

I felt like Sherlock Holmes.

Swathy Krishna M S, 6A

I got the answers from the given clues Lion,Lock and Homes .But this time,I learnt a lesson ,that we should think the facts in mind in different languages and this is a great experience for me.


First of all I was really confused by looking at the puzzle. I was searching the net with Jamyang Norbu's books. But I couldn't find any connection. I was searching the net for lion lock house, and I reached a dead end. So I searched many of Norbu's novel and couldn't find a thing, I got really frustrated then I started scrolling then I kept seeing THE MANDALA OF SHERLOCK HOLMES and then it clicked I saw LOCK and also HOLMES (HOME) and SHER was Lion in Hindi. I was really happy and started jumping as I got the answer ( I know it's kinda stupid but that's how happy I was) This was my experience, I felt confused, frustrated, happy, jolly and also excited.

Swathy.O.S, 9A

The character was an easy one and I was so interested to do this question.

Gauri J, 9D

First , when I saw the puzzle , I couldn't find any relation between them . I was really confused and curious to know more about it . But then after searching a bit I finally came to an answer .

Fidha Rahman, 7D

It is was a very nice experience, It is an easy puzzle

Theerttha S, 10B

The puzzle(character name) was very easy to solve. I haven't read any Sherlock Holmes books and there is a big source of information available on Sherlock Holmes. So it was very difficult and it took me a longer time compared to the previous puzzles to solve the rest of the questions.


I felt happy by solving today's puzzle. Guessed many names at first Lion locked house , then suddenly house became home then lock holmes i got i have solved a quiz about Sherlock Holmes in our library quiz it too helped me to reach to Sherlock Holmes. It was funny to solve the picture quiz. Then read about who created this Sir Doyle and Jamyang Norbu.. Got to know about these famous personalities by solving the quiz.

Meenakshi S Pillai, 6A

This was an interesting and amazing puzzle.When I saw this I was curious to know the answer.I got the word homes then I looked the picture carefully then click the words 'Sher And Lock'.

Ardra.r, 6B

Puzzle solving was quite easy seeing lion,lock and homes I understood it is Sherlock Holmes but solving other questions was little difficult for me

T Thanusha, 10A

It was informative to know about Arthur Conan Doyle and the puzzle was really simple so was able to find the answer really fast .

Adhweitha R S, 9A

I was excited when I founded the name of the book. Then I got an chance to know more about the novel and author.Then if I were to know that it is a fictional private detective novel but I was not knowing much about it.But after solving this puzzle I came to know more about it.This was a nice experience for me.

CH Krishna, 6C

Amazing experience, A very good platform for Getting more knowledge about different books and characters in this small age, also puzzle solving techniques, second round is not so easy to solve.

Jafsa, 10B

I first of all, didn't even think of him. Then suddenly I got the answer ' SHERLOCK HOLMES'. It was so thrilling and I was so excited.

Mydhili S Nair, 10C

Finding the character was as easy as pie. The images of 'lock' and 'homes' was what gave away the answer. The 'lion' part got me thinking. Did lions have anything to do with 'Sher'? Only later did I notice that the question said that it had an Indian connection. Hence, I got the first question. The second bit, I had to Google it up. I searched for connection between Sherlock Holmes and India on and found out from that there was a book The Sign of the Four had a lot to do with India in the 1800s. So, I read more about the book on and got the answer to the third question. For the last question too I Googled up Jamyang Norbu and read about him on Wikipedia and found out that he has written a Sherlock Holmes pastiche and so I got the third answer.
Sherlock Holmes happens to be one of my favourite fictional characters and when I realised that the puzzle was about him I was really delighted and was really eager to solve puzzles like he always does!

Vedakalyani K.B, 6D

Actually the rebus puzzle demand some sort of Brain-storming.One have to go through sociopolitical, literature and logical reasoning. This time, I just verbalized the clue as lion-lock-homes . Then a flash came to my mind ,the Hindi name of lion Sher and Jungle book's character Sherkhan the tiger, at the same time . Suddenly i recognized the clue as Sher-lock-homes. At once I slipped into the conclusion Sherlock Holmes! Needless to say that unlocking a puzzle is always a thrill!

Anirudh R, 10A

It was something crazier and much easier than the previous challenges. A single glance at the puzzle gives you three fourth of the answer - Lock and Homes. Then I thought how could it be Lionlock Homes, it must have been Sherlock Homes. It was later I realised that Lion is also called Sher in Hindi. I raised up and jotted down the rest of the answers with the help of Internet and submitted the answers.

M. KAVYA , 10B

I felt very happy because this was the only puzzle in which I knew the answers completely.....I am very excited about the results of the puzzle solving in the question of the day..Thank you sir for giving me such a great opportunity......

Arushia H, 10D

At first, I was a little confused, then after seeing the lock and houses I thought of different ways of pronouncing it and ended up thinking lockhomes . That's when it stuck to my mind about the character Sherlock Holmes. The way the lion was used made me laugh. This was an easy puzzle. It helped me know of jamyang norbu, which was a new information for me.

Midhun KB, 7D

I felt the puzzle to be very interesting

Shreya. R, 6C

It help us to know more about famous characters and their authors. It also make interest in reading new books

S Srijith , 10D

I found it very easy to solve the puzzle. But I had to spent a few minutes searching for the other answers.

Sidharth S Nair, 6A

Its very difficult

Adithya Mohan, 8D

The moment I saw the image I could recognize the character.All other questions seemed unfamiliar to me. But,I thought I will solve it so that I can have an extra knowledge about it. Thank you Sir for such a wonderful question.



Nihala suman, 9D

It was so easy.I did not expect this type of question.

Aalia Thahzin , 9B

First it was a bit hard and confusing. Then suddenly a bulb lit up in my head that lion means Sher in Hindi, locks and homes. Then I searched and found the connection of Holmes with India. Then I searched about the relationship between Holmes and Jamyang Norbu and found that he has written a book called THE MANDALA OF SHERLOCK HOLMES, which describes the adventure of Holmes in India and Tibet. In this way, I found out the answer...

C S Arjun, 6C

Its great puzzle.Its interesting.

Sanija S Dev , 8D

At the time when sir put the question, in that it was there, this is a simple question 🤩 ,then I thought yes I will be doing this and then I tryied to find it by the help of wikipedia and google and I didn't got the character ,then, but in that list of characters there was the name of the Sherlock Holmes but I never thought that he will be the character and then I thought of looking from the way of Jamyang Norbu and I search the google as the books by Jamyang Norbu and then I found (The Mandala of Sherlock Holmes and many other books by Jamyang Norbu) but I don't think this will be the book( at that time) 🤔 and then I continued searching 😔 and then at last I typed as the list of famous characters in google and I got In the first famous character line it was the name of Sherlock Holmes then I thought that 🤔🤔If it will be the correct answer or not. Then I split it into 3 words then I got sher (शेर) and lock and holmes then at last I found it as (शेर-lion = sher and lock and homes = Holmes) and I am 95-98% sure that this will be the correct answer (may be I don't know) IN THIS WAY I GOT THE ANSWER TO THE QUESTION. My feelings in first was sad ☹because I didn't got till that time but now I am happy because I got an answer to the question😄😊😁 NOW I AM THINKING THAT IF I DONE THE SPLITTING AT FIRST IT SELF I WON'T BE WASTING A LONG TIME FOR THIS QUESTION ITSELF.😀😆😄😊 Thank you sir for giving such questions like this I really enjoyed it

Avanthika Sivadas, 9C

It was a great experience while solving this puzzle and also learning and getting better at social skills.

Akshita P, 8C

I felt very excited solving this puzzle. I searched for fictional characters and first name in the search list was Sherlock Holmes. I could then easily get the connection of pictures and the fictional character-- Sher + Lock + Homes . Restt of the answers I got from google.

Shrivaths S Nair , 10B

After solving this puzzle I got to know about the Indian connections with Sherlock Holmes. Though Arthur Conan Doyle Was a British he had an Indian touch in his writing. The charector Dr. Watson Was a retired army officer from Indian colonial service. There were many deceive novels inspired by it. Like Byomkesh Bakshi etc. It was very joyful to find the answers for these.

Tejashri S Nair , 6D

After solving this puzzle I got to know about the Indian connections with Sherlock Holmes. Though Arthur Conan Doyle Was a British he had an Indian touch in his writing. The charector Dr. Watson Was a retired army officer from Indian colonial service. There were many deceive novels inspired by it. Like Byomkesh Bakshi etc. It was very joyful to find the answers for these.

Amitha A, 9B

I was a little bit confident for solving the character because Mujib sir has already said while sharing this quiz to us that it's a very simple challenge and many would be able to solve it! But , at first , I was very confused because I started to solve this puzzle in the wrong way...(I started to find the characters starting with the word lion!)....I didn't get any character with match to the clues in the puzzle....but then I noticed the image of lock in the puzzle..and thank god! ... the name Sherlock Holmes suddenly striked into my mind when I just thought and repeated the word lock in my mind !!! And I was able to connect the character's name with the clues given.For me, this puzzle created a confidence to solve at first , then confused me and at last I solved it!

Arjith r, 7B

I had confusion

Rahul Manoj, 8A

Easy puzzle. I enjoyed solving.