Class 6 Science Chapter 4 Exercise 1

Class 6 Science Chapter 4 Exercise 1

Name the method of separation you would use in the following cases;

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Q1. To remove stones from grains

Q2. To remove bran from flour

Q3. To remove seeds and pulp from fruit juice

Q4. To remove stones and pebbles from sand

Q5. To separate maida and sugar mixed unknowingly

Q6. To remove tea leaves from tea

Q7. To remove soil in water

Q8. To separate salt from its solution

Q9. To separate milky solids from the liquid part while making paneer

Q10. To remove grains from stalk

Q11. To separate husk from grains

Q12. To remove saw dust from sand

Q13. To remove damaged seeds from pulses

Q14. To separate dry leaves from sand

Q15. To separate butter from butter milk

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